Industrial sand is a general term used for sand products with controlled sizing that are used for a large variety of purposes. Byrne Bros. Concrete has a number of Filtration sand and gravel available for your needs.

No 2 — Filter GravelNominal Size 20mm — 40mm
No 3 — Filter GravelNominal Size 12mm — 20mm
No 4 — Filter GravelNominal Size 6mm — 12mm
No 5 — Filter GravelNominal Size 3mm — 6mm

For each size range specified above, no more than 8% by weight may be finer or coarser than the lower and upper designated size limit.

No 6C Filter Sand
Nominal Size 1.18mm — 4.75mm
Effective Size 1.1—1.3mm
No 6.5 Filter Sand
Nominal Size 850um — 2.36mm
Effective Size 850um — 950um
No 7 Filter Sand
Nominal Size 600um — 1.18mm
Effective size 540um — 660um
No 7M Filter Sand
Nominal Size 500um — 1.00mm
Effective size 450um — 550um
No 8 Filter SandNominal Size 700um — pan

For each size of sand specified an effective size tolerance of +/- 10% is achieved

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